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Design Your Own Leather Collar “Single Row Bling”

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These collars are made from premium natural Australian leather. The tan collars are vegetable tanned leather. The collars come in 5 colours - Black, White, Red, Dk Green or Tan. Each collar is hand made and finished with high gloss acrylic finisher which is water resistant for maximum life. 

We use English nickel plate welded buckles and D rings for strength. 

There is a choice of gorgeous coloured rivets to finish off these beautiful collars to give the "bling". Choose your preference of colours at checkout or email your own choice of colours by selecting the "combo" choice. We will work with you to design your own unique collar. 

Width of Collars:

XS  ~ 

S    ~   2cm

M    ~  2.5cm

L     ~  3.3cm

XL   ~ 


Length of Collars: (breed of dogs are a guide only)

XS ~  19cm - 25cm  suitable for teacup, miniature & toy dogs

S   ~  25cm - 31cm suitable for yorkshire, silky terriers,  maltese, shihtzu, miniature schnauzer, toy and mini poodles, pomeranians, pinschers, papillions, king charles spaniels, havanese, fox terriers, daschund, chinese crested, 

M  ~  33cm - 41cm suitable for pitbull, kelpie, beagle, bichon frise, border collie, boston terrier, french bulldog, bull terrier, cocker spaniel, dalmation, golden doodle mini, labradoodle, lhasa apso, pekingese, poodle, pug, puggle, saluki, standard schnauzer, scottish terrier, shiba imu, springer spaniel, staffordshire terrier, west highland terrier

L   ~ 42cm - 51cm suitable for afghan hound, airedale terrier, australian shephard, australian cattle dog, basset hound, belgian malanois, blue heeler, boxer, bulldog, chow, collie, standard daschund, dobermein pincer, english setter, german shepherd, golden retriever, irish terrier, labrador retriever, old english sheep dog, samoyed, sharpei, siberian husky, weimaraner

XL ~ 52cm - 61cm suitable for akita, burmese mountain dog, cane corso, great dane, irish wolfhound, rhodesian ridgeback, rottweiler

XXL ~ 62cm - 71cm suitable for bull mastiff, great pyrenees, newfoundland, st bernard

(As the collars are handmade, there may be slight variations in width, length and colour)

Care Instruction: Wipe your collar with a damp cloth, air dry out of the sunlight in a cool shady spot. 

Handmade in Australia for our Aussie Dogs!

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