Chicken Heart Protein Treats

You heard it here first folks! We now have another new product that dogs and cats can't resist.

The health benefits to dogs and cats eating chicken hearts are huge and they love them. Excellent sources of B vitamins, iron and essential fatty acids that keep your pets coat shiny and smooth. It also contains phosphorus to help build the skeletal system, folate, thiamine and taurine for heart health. 

This single protein treat has no additives - no preservatives, no colours and no salt in fact we have not added a thing making this treat. It's not only suitable for dogs but cats as well. 

We dehydrate these ourselves and use human grade hearts locally sourced in Melbourne. So give them a try. I guarantee your dog will love them!

 Chicken Heart Protein Treats are also available in the Bulk Products section with great discounts so get yours now and give them a try.

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